Palomino- The Full Movie

The entire Palomino Video

Here is our most recent full length movie PALOMINO, featuring Ava, Kitty and Xev with a very rare and coveted 6′ inflatable horse.
Scene 1: Using both a hand pump and her mouth, Xev works hard to inflate our 6 foot pony. The horse was injured during a party we brought her too, and has a lame leg, requiring some TLC. Naming her ‘Dusty’ because she’s been in storage for so long, she then proceeds to wipe it her down lovingly and re-inflate it’s lame leg.
Scene 2: Kitty renames the horse ‘Jackson’ and reinflates it’s leg with her mouth. Once the horse is good and strong, she climbs on and takes it for a serious ride.
Scene 3: Ava spends her entire scene riding and grinding hard on the palomino. Eventually she cannot take any more of the tight vinyl between her thighs and succumbs to a very satisfying orgasm.
Scene 4: Kitty and Xev join forces to take the palomino for the ride of it’s life. The girls bounce HARD on it, before unplugging her. They continue to bounce until the horse is deflated, lying flat on the floor.

59 minutes

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