Inflatapalooza- Hailey’s Out With A Bang – The Full Movie

Love inflatable pool toys? We just dug up this vintage footage called Out With A Bang featuring Balloonapalooza star Hailey. Outside on the deck, she tackles all sorts of vinyl inflates- a big beach ball, hoppity hop, swim ring, whale and more- even a few balloons get into the act.

Hailey shows everyone what fun she can have with a deck full of inflatables and a bikini. Swim rings, small beach balls, some party balloons, and an on-camera inflation by mouth of a 48″ beach ball are all in Hailey’s video. Hailey stabs the balloons early after double stacking them in a swim ring. Beach ball inflation, bouncing, and popping are throughout.

This video was filmed in 2000 and is part of the original Balloon-a-Palooza collection. We have remastered the footage from the original tapes to bring you an instantly downloadable version for the first time.

39 minutes 19 seconds

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