Boobs & Balloons Vol.2

In this scene, Luna is still with Monique, but she allows her charge to experience some solo play with a hot doggy. She experiences it’s feel between her thighs, and rubbing it against her skin, forcing it under her tank top against her mammoth breasts. She plays with a couple of others, sitting, bouncing, riding and rubbing them all, as well as plenty of foot play. Deciding that there’s not enough room in her shirt for the hot doggy AND her breasts, she doffs the top to allow for more fun.

Inflating a pretty green jewel tone, she accidentally lets go, the escaping air spraying all over her naked breasts. Enjoying, she repeats the act, deliberately this time. Another inflation scene, with Luna prodding her to blow it bigger, “Try to get neck”. Unsure and again a little afraid, Monique ties it off so that she can continue to enjoy squeezing it between her thighs.

Mischievous Luna hands her a 6″ geo without teaching her the trick to inflating it. She giggles as Monique struggles to blow it up, chest heaving with the effort. We hear Luna chuckling in the background.

Closing the show, at Luna’s urging, Monique removes her shorts and experiences the sexy sensation of latex against her naked bum and up close & personal between her thighs!

22 minutes, 33 seconds

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