Boobs & Balloons- Vol. 1

This 29 minute segment features Monique’s introduction to balloons. There is nobody more qualified to show her the ropes than the Luscious Luna. Luna is never actually seen in this video, but we hear her sexy European accent as she teaches Monique the finer points of enjoying her latex toys.

We begin with Luna inviting Monique to experience and enjoy the feel of her special toys, barefoot and lying outstretched on her bed. We get to witness her first time sitting and bouncing, feeling the sensation of the balloon between her sleek thighs. There’s a great shot of her hard butt in cut of jeans bouncing up and down, as well as scenes of her 34 DDD breasts pressed against the fleshy latex and barefoot squishing.

Luna cannot resist introducing the inexperienced Monique to her personal joy- POPPING! As the timid Monique pops her first with a pencil, Luna remarks “Once you start, you can’t stop”. Pencil pop #2 and we see the genuine glee on Monique’s face. A little more riding while she summons the nerve to complete her first ever nail-pop- (her fingernails are beautifully manicured). Heart pounding, she relaxes with some more riding & inflation. Luna coaxes her to try a BLOW-TO POP. Despite her fear, Monique manages it. Luna is heard saying “These are so pretty, even prettier when they pop”.

Monique lies on her back, enjoying the sensations of latex against her bare skin, as she summons the nerve to pop some more. Luna is in heaven as she sweet-talks her new protégé into popping 12 more (plus one accidentally) with her nails, and even a cigarette lighter. Luna dares her to pop the much bigger balloon on the bed, but Monique protests “I’m too afraid”.

The scene ends with Luna demonstrating the proper way to handle a big balloon, and sharing her famous trick ” the kiss of death”. Total death count :18 balloons

28 minutes, 50 seconds

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